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SALLY - Boxer cross, female, 8 years approx, medium size.

Sally was rescued from a Welsh council dog pound in September 2004. She had a damaged right front leg, probably the result of a road accident. This had been left to heal without treatment, leaving her with a limp. Although she would lift it when moving fast she still used it to balance and would poke you with it when she wanted a treat. After some weeks it was discovered Sally was pregnant. Her 4 pups were rehomed in the first week of January 2005.

Sadly, Sally never found a home. After over a year in the kennels, it was discovered she had developed tumours. Her damaged leg was also giving her pain. The rescue vet said that her quality of life was such that surgery would not be of benefit to her and keeping her in the kennel through the winter would not be humane. Consequently Sally was put to sleep in November 2005 much to the distress of the people that had cared for her for over year.

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