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UNCLE MORT - Spaniel Cross, male, 14+ years?, medium size.

Uncle Mort was named after the character played by Robin Bailey in the TV show "I Didn't Know You Cared". He was found by the dog warden in August 2011 and taken to Binfield Dog Rescue. He was not claimed, and because of his obviously advanced age and health issues (arthritis in his hips, large boney mass on his back leg, soft mass on his ribs, various fatty lumps, unsteady on his feet) it was decided that he could not be homed. Since he was friendly and harmless I decided to take him home and keep him comfortable and entertained for his remaining months.

Although slow on his feet Mort had plenty of stamina and would walk around the dogs field for two hours. Although he seemed rather deaf, he could see people 300 yards away and would head off towards them. He would look up at them with his big sorrowful eyes and they would say "Oh you poor old dog - have a biscuit". He would stagger from one person to another trying the "poor old dog" routine hoping for another biscuit. Like old people, Mort was probably long sighted so you could risk losing the end of your finger while offering him a biscuit unless you shouted "CAREFULL" at him. The lack of close vision caught Mort out on occasion. He grabbed hold of the end of my Terriers collar (much to his annoyance) and would not let go until I waved a gravy bone in front of his nose. He did the same to the plastic strap on a boot.

Mort loved my parents big back garden and would walk around it for hours. I thought he was confused so I brought him back into the house. He had a drink from the dogs bowl and went out again for another wander around. I would always tell him to not fall in the pond. One day I forgot to warn him about the pond and he fell in. He was able to stand in the water but not climb out. My father had just said "if we switch to the garden camera we can watch Mort in the garden". Sure enough I could see Mort looking at the camera then I realised he was actually in the pond. Thanks to the camera he was in the pond for less than a minute.

Uncle Mort died on 2nd July 2012. He was a nice old gent. He will be missed.

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