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BILLY - American Staffordshire Terrier, neutered male, 6 years approx, medium size.

Billy arrived at the rescue in 2004 aged 6 years approx. He was in a home with a younger female that kept fighting with him so he came into the rescue with a swollen foot and a few battle scars. Billy did not trust people and would only walk with three of the volunteers. He did not like other animals. He was very affectionate to people he trusted and would roll over to have his tummy tickled. Having bitten four people (all relatives of the owner) it was decided that he was not adoptable and would stay at the rescue as the resident dog. From his kennel near the gate he was able to keep an eye on the people going in and out of the office and would become excited when he saw the cars of the people that walked him. One of the volunteers would give him a roasted pigs ear when he returned to the kennel after his walk. For ever after Billy would check his bed for his pigs ear and would complain bitterly if it was not there! Although he lived in a kennel Billy received all the meaty left overs and large bones so life for him at the kennels was not too bad although he (and we) would have preferred him to have an indoor home.

In this his 14th year Billy's athritis was causing him problems and he was losing weight. On the 1st of May 2012 Billy could not get up and Brian (the owner of the rescue) decided that Billy's time had come. Billy will be missed by all the volunteers and regular visitors to the kennels.

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