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OSCAR - Jack Russell Terrier cross, male, 8 months approx, small size.

Oscar 1997 - 2012

My wife and I first met Oscar on 25th April 1998, when we came to Binfield Dog Rescue with the intention of adopting a Jack Russell. We were shown two Jack Russell's, Oscar, who was a white and black smooth haired Jack Russell cross, and his brother Henry, who was brown, and wirehaired. They had arrived at Binfield Dog Rescue three days earlier because their owner had become too ill to look after them. Henry ran towards us, and started yapping, and repeatedly leaping two feet in the air. Oscar was an 8 months old puppy, who was sitting in the arms of a Kennel Maid surrounded by three young girls competing for his attention. He won our attention straight away, and after taking him for a short walk when we found he loved to be held, and was very affectionate, we decided to adopt him.

When we arrived home with Oscar, he jumped on my lap as soon as I sat down, not waiting for any invitation, clearly stating he was here to stay. We had a few problems at first when he was left on his own. He chewed the aerial to my mobile phone, they had aerials in those days, chewed my comb, and tried to eat the sofa, but we persevered with him, and I am glad to say, he grew out of the chewing stage of puppy hood after a few months. After that, he was no trouble at all when he was left.

We were privileged to have Oscar for 14 years 7 months. Oscar gave us a lot of unconditional love, not just to us, but also to all our relatives and friends who knew him. He would always greet our relatives, and friends with great excitement, even if he had not seen them for months, because he adopted them as his relative and friends

Although my wife and I do not drive, we were able to take him to Dorset on numerous occasions for his holiday, because Oscar was a good traveller on all modes of transport, he even rode in a rowing boat to cross a river in Dorset, and came with us to the south of France for two weeks in September 2001.

Oscar was a very loving member of our family, who will be sadly missed, and never forgotten.

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