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ROLY - American Bulldog, male, adopted age 4 years approx, large size.

Roly 2003 - 2011

We re-homed Roly aged 4 in 2007. He was of good temperament and enjoyed life with us.

Unfortunately after 3 years, he developed bone cancer in his left hind leg and had world-first pioneering surgery to remove his femur and replace it with a metal bone. He was given only another year to live, but walked over 1400 miles with no problems over the next 16 months before the cancer had spread further as expected, and he was euthanased.

His companion over the last few months was a Binfield Staffy called Sasha and the pair were inseparable until Roly died. We then rehomed another elderly Binfield American Bulldog called Jake who is the companion for Sasha these days.

Roly will not be forgotten. He appeared on television in the UK and he appeared on a program for Australian TV too.

A world first prosthetic implant uses groundbreaking biotechnology techniques to put an American Bulldog back on his feet

Worlds first prosthetic hip operation for Roly the dog

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