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PECO - Papillon, male, adopted age 10 years approx, small size.

Peco 1999 - 2013

‘Peco’ sadly passed away on the 28th August 2013. I rescued him in December 2009, but had to rehome him as he didn’t settle in well with my gang. He went to a lovely family who cared for him until the end. He had a lovely few years with them and was spoilt rotten! If you remember he had been in a council pound for over a year before he was handed over to the rescue. He had really bad teeth. I had his teeth sorted and he was castrated at the same time – poor thing!

I looked after him a couple of times when the new owners went on holiday and he had the same character as I remembered! But on the whole he was a sweet little dog and had a lovely last few years with his new family. I know there is one particular teenager who is devastated by his passing.

Bless him - he was a character!!


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