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JIMMY - Jack Russell Terrier type, male, adopted age 9-11 years approx, small size.

Jimmy 1991-3 - 2014

Jimmy came to the rescue as an unclaimed stray when he was 3-5 years old. He was very dominant and was returned from his first home because he nipped the children. Jimmy went to a new home where there were no children and probably ruled the place. All was well for six years until a baby arrived. Jimmy was not happy having this invader on his territory so he was returned to the rescue. He went to another home but tried to continue his bossy ways and having bitten three people he was returned to the rescue.

Jimmy was taken home by a volunteer in the hope he could be rehabilitated. He learnt that he was no longer the boss and his attitude to people improved in that he would not snap at them but he continued to try to boss other dogs about. Like a lot of dominant dogs, he liked to claim your lap, snapping at any dog that might try to do the same and would literally bark orders: let me out, let me in, feed me! He would snap at dogs if they walked near his bed or just 'his space' and of course 'his' food. He would even intimidate other dogs into giving up their food bowl to him. A couple of times he took on the wrong dog, a female Paterdale bit off the tip of his ear and a female Shih Tzu that chased him off when Jimmy grumbled at her.

Jimmy always had 'investigating feet' and would wander off. He had to be connected to another old Terrier to prevent Jimmy from disappearing. That did not stop them from heading off across a field together to surround someone they thought had food. Jimmy would sit in front of them with his short Queen Anne legs and grey face then give them the look: 'I am a poor old dog - got any treats? No treats? Give us a scratch then'! Jimmy had a favourite toy bear that he liked to chew and shake. He would pick it up and offer me a leg so that we could play tug-o-war. His age, arthritis and general 'grumpy old man' character meant that Jimmy spent the last two years of his life in the foster home. He died on the 8th October 2014 after a short illness.

Everyone that met Jimmy said what a lovely dog he was even when he demonstrated his 'Tasmanian Devil' character with other dogs. The house is certainly going to be quieter without him - you could hear him snoring from the next room.

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