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Dog Photo
Dog Photo

SKYE - Springer Spaniel cross, male, adopted age 12 months approx, medium size.

Skye 2001 - 2015

Skye, named Scooter at the rescue, came from a council pound in Wales. He was emaciated and it took a month of TLC in a foster home to get him up to a reasonable weight. I took him with me to Wendy's while I carried out a home check for another rescue. The children came home from school and Scooter felt so comfortable that he just laid down and did not want to leave. A few days later Scooter was adopted by Wendy and her family. Wendy said: "He was the most fantastic dog and a lovely member of our family and we miss him dreadfully."

The bottom photo is of Scooter the day he went to his new home and became Skye. The top photo is Skye aged about 12 years.

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