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SAM - Collie cross, male, adopted age 10 years approx, medium size.

Sam was brought to the rescue after his owner died. He was depressed in the kennel and kept licking his feet causing wounds that would not heal. After a few weeks in the rescue he found a home. It took quite a while for him to accept that this was his new home. He ripped the cushions on the settee when his new owner was out. It was an old one so it did not matter and he stopped doing so once he was into the house routine. For several months he would go up to old ladies in the street to check to see if it was his owner. He had to wear socks to stop him licking his feet long enough for them to heal. The arthritis in his hips improved with exercise and he would even break into a run if there was a female about! He could detect a female in season long before the owner knew and would travel miles across main roads to follow the scent. At the age of 13½ years his hips finally wore out and one day he could no longer stand up. He took his last walk around the park with his back end supported by his harness. He did not want to go home as this was the first time in ages that he had walked without pain.

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