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SCOOBY - Rottweiler, male, adopted age 7 years approx, very large size.

Scooby was a yard dog at a farm. When his owner moved; there was nowhere suitable for him to go. Rather that put him to sleep he asked the rescue to take Scooby in. He was overweight and had a bent jaw maybe from being kicked by a horse or cow.

Scooby found a home with some nice people who travelled all the way from York to collect him. Here is what they said about him:

I am writing now to let you know that sadly our boy died peacefully in the garden, with all of us with him. I just wanted to let you know what joy he brought to our lives, and hopefully we did the same for him. He was very protective of us all, and anybody coming to our door was terrified! He never did recover in the back legs department, but with medication did suffer far less. Scooby never managed to make it up the stairs at home, so had a big bed under the stairs which he loved, we called it his 'lazy bones' as he only got off it under great pressure, usually a sausage roll did the trick! We recently moved down to Devon, and Scooby loved to lay outside in the sun. He is buried in our garden, with a palm tree above him which we bought in his memory. I just wanted to let you know how happy he made us. We miss him desperately, and will never forget him, we were so proud of him.

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