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WEXFORD - Collie cross, male, adopted age 6 years approx, medium size.

Wexford was brought into the rescue because he kept climbing fences and escaping. He was probably bored and frustrated. He obviously had not been getting enough exercise because he was overweight.

This is what his adopters said about him:

We rescued Wex from you in May 2002 and only had two short years of his company, but I have to say they were two very happy years. As you may remember, he had his problems in the beginning especially people coming to the door and with other dogs, but we worked with him and with a behaviorist and he came on leaps and bounds. He was an absolute delight to have around and I found that with my husband at work most weekends and both of my teenage children doing their own thing, he was great company and we spent most weekends and evenings up the woods on long walks. He never did quite get over his problem with other dogs when we were out but he was fine when they visited the house. He was a real sweetheart around the house and once he realized that we were in charge and he really didn't need to protect us, he relaxed a lot.

Although he was only 8 years old when we lost him, he reminded us of a little old man who liked routine and liked nothing better than us all to go out in the afternoon and let him stretch out on the sofa and catch up on some sleep. You could tell when we were home all day as he started to look quite tired! He had his health problems too. In November last year, he was diagnosed with 'Collie Eye' and by the time we lost him, he was totally blind in one eye and had little vision in the other, not that you would have known that if you had seen him chase squirrels! His last illness was very quick. He became poorly at the weekend, just being a bit lethargic and so I took him to our vets on the Monday. They did blood tests and x-rays on the Tuesday, operated on the Wednesday after a mass showing up on the x-ray. Unfortunately when they opened him up, he was riddled with tumors and was bleeding a lot. We decided not to bring him round from the anesthetic, I dashed off to the vets so I could be with him to offer comfort and support and to give him a big cuddle when he went.

He is sadly missed and I am still not sure just how I'm getting by without him. He was an absolute joy and I feel honored to have spent the last two years of his life with him and I thank you for giving me that chance. I also like to think that we made his short time with us special, he certainly seemed a happy boy......once he knew who was boss!! I have attached a picture of my special boy in happier times for you all to see what a handsome chap he was. There are many dogs out there that just need a little love, attention and maybe a little guidance and they give back any goodness you give them ten-fold.

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